Vaccination To Help Prevent HPV-Related Cancer & Disease

Denise Black MD, FRCSC

Approximately 1,550 Canadian women were diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2017. An estimated 400 women, including our wives, mothers and sisters, died from it even though it is a disease that in a large majority of cases, can be prevented.

“I was really confused when they told me I had a sexually transmitted infection, and possibly cancer because I was in a long-term relationship. I felt like, this can’t happen to me, right? I’m safe. I’ve been with the same person forever.

I had had one partner. So it was almost impossible.”

 ~Melissa Mitchell, Diagnosed HPV, High Grade Lesions

“Not only is it essential for HCPs to initiate a discussion around HPV disease and prevention with eligible patients, the importance of providing these patients with a strong recommendation to vaccinate cannot be overstated.”

“Many mature women don’t know that vaccination is an option for them. They have vaccinated their children, but often assume that vaccination is only for school children. It’s important for them to know that if they are at-risk of acquiring an HPV infection, vaccination is an option for them.” 

~Dr. Denise Black


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