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Professor of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan

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Today, we are speaking with Dr. Ricardo Rendon from Dalhousie University on the topic of prostate cancer, and more specifically, non-metastatic castrate resistant prostate cancer.

Optometrist Shawn Moore explores advances like PRECISION1® lenses that are reducing discomfort & garnering high ratings from daily contact users.

In the case of sarcomas, the work continues. We sat down with Dr. Shantanu Banerji from the University of Manitoba, to learn more about sarcomas and a new treatment option for some patients. We also hear from Mark Stewart with the Sarcoma Cancer Foundation of Canada. And finally, we hear from Monique, who has been living with sarcoma since 2016.

Melanomas on the skin usually start as areas of pigmentation that’s changed or irregular. If they are noticed and picked up early, they can often be removed. But in some cases it turns into something much greater.

Listen in as we hear from leading experts from Hypertension Canada to learn more about declining rates in control in women over 60 and the importance of blood pressure monitoring to lower risk.

Family Care Nutrition is a rising star within holistic wellness for the entire family from pregnancy to seniors to sports enthusiasts.

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