Managing Chronic Neuropathic Pain


Director of the Comprehensive Pain Program at Toronto West Hospital

”It’s all in your head”
That’s a statement that makes those coping with neuropathic pain shudder. But the pain is not imaginary. An estimated two million Canadians suffer from neuropathic pain, a debilitating disorder caused by injury to the nervous system that produces pain that feels like burning, or being pricked with pins, or shocked with electricity. The pain is often constant or recurring. Many who suffer from this disease feel there is no hope or end in sight but experts say there is treatment available and education is the first step.

“People with chronic pain often feel helpless. They feel there is absolutely nothing they can do about their pain and they feel they’re a slave to the medical system and to their doctors, “says Roman Jovey, President of the Canadian Pain Society.

Educational Outreach

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