Changing the Outlook for Rare Disease with Precision Medicine

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Dr. Aneal Khan

Dr. Aneal Khan
Professor of Medical Genetics and Pediatrics University of Calgary, Alberta Children’s Hospital

The most important message is to understand is that we all have DNA, and our health is affected by our DNA. And with time, we hope to get a better understanding of preventive measures we can use from our understanding of DNA in ways that we can lead healthier lives.

Claire Wang


“When the doctor gave him the medication, like very specific on this gene mutation, and then Owen stopped having seizures”


Brandy Prefontaine Fabry Disease Patient

Brandy Prefontaine
Fabry Disease Patient

What I would say to Dr. Khan is, I would say “Thank you very much”. I would say thank you the commitment to the research. Finding new treatments for our disease and helping us to have a better quality of life.


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