Reducing The Stigma of Liver Cancer

Reducing The Stigma of Liver Cancer

Liver cancer is one of the fastest rising forms of cancer in Canada. HCC is it’s most common form.
The key to reducing the incidences lies in prevention, early detection and intervention.

In this program we feature Dr. Jennifer Knox, Oncologist, Dr. Jordan Feld a Hepatologist and
Nem Maksimovic with the Canadian Liver Foundation. They share with us the impact of Stigma upon
liver disease as well as recent advances in treating HCC offering hope to patients with increased
options for therapy.

“I guess one way to define stigma in this case is an act of shaming or even treating someone differently
based on something like their health status.” (Nem Maksimovic, CLF)

Dr. Jordan Feld 
Hepatologist, Toronto General Hospital, Toronto Centre for Liver Disease
Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto

Dr. Jennifer Falkiner
Medical Oncologist
Princess Margaret Cancer Cenre

Mr. Morteza Zokaei Ashtiani 
Diagnosed HCC

Nem Maksimovic, MPH, MSc 
Senior Manager, Support and Education,
Canadian Liver Foundation

Those at risk for liver disease or HCC should speak directly to their healthcare providers.

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