Treating Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC)


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Daniel Heng MD MPH FRCPC

Chair, Southern Alberta GU Tumor Group

Oncologist, Tom Baker Cancer Centre


Take the kidney out, it’s all gone, you live happily ever after, to, yeah, this didn’t work so well. And it was very disappointing, of course. Nothing anybody can do about it. Move on from there. What’s next?

~Bruce Gowin, Advanced RCC Patient

Immunotherapy for treatment of cancers has been around for a very long time. We actually used to use immunotherapy a lot to treat advanced kidney cancers until the targeted therapy era came, where we used pills to treat the kidney cancer instead. But now, there has been a re-emergence of immuno-onocology agents, next generation checkpoint inhibitors that actually rev up a patient’s immune system, so that the immune system attacks their own tumor. And, they’ve been able to extend survival, improve quality of life, and really revolutionize how we treat kidney cancer today.



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