Talking About Metastatic Breast Cancer With Dr. Karen Gelmon

Talking About Metastatic Breast Cancer With Dr. Karen Gelmon

“Cancers are made up of billions of cells and those cells can travel around the body. In metastatic breast cancers, those cells have left the breast or the lymph nodes in the immediate area, and traveled to other areas of the body.

When someone has a diagnosis of any disease, but particularly when one has an incurable disease, it’s very important that there’s a dialogue between the healthcare providers and the patient.

For a medical oncologist, the most important thing is to prolong good quality survival for a patient. It’s not just survival with terrible symptoms or terrible toxicity.

It’s good quality survival. But for every patient, their definition of good might be different.”

~Dr. Karen Gelmon

Dr. Karen Gelmon
Professor of Medicine, University of British Columbia, and Medical Oncologist, BC Cancer Agency

Vesna Zic-Côté
Wife, Mother of 3, Diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer in 2017

MJ DeCoteau
Founder, Executive Director,
Rethink Breast Cancer

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Vesna and family | Kelly Manweiler
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